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Loazzolo Wine Club

A warm welcome to our world: an invitation to bring home the beauty and mistery of the land where nature and manual work melt together. In the exclusive WineClub you will keep in touch with us at home and fully appreciate the experience of our wines.

La Terrazza del Wine Club Vivi Loazzolo A party at Isolabella della Croce
Inside Isolabella della Croce
Another party at Isolabella della Croce



Exclusive opportunities are reserved to Loazzolo Wine Club members:

  • On-line purchase of our wines
  • 10% off wine prices, both purchased online, confortably at home, or visiting our Cellar; in addition special promotion will be reserved to you.
  • Customized labels: you can have a name or logo printed on the label of a selection of magnum bottles (1,5 liters) for gifts or special occasions.
  • Book your wine reserve: additional discount when booking wine in large quantities for family and friends and having it delivered in batches according to your need, as it will be stored in our cellar
  • Hospitality
  • Our Terrace for your Private Party; book this charming outdoor area for free! We are available to provide help in the organization of the services you might need
  • Discounts for local accomodation facilities, "friends of Isolabella della Croce"

Registration is free of charge: select Create a new account in the box on the left or use your credentials if you are already a member.


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