Isolabella della Croce è BIONEUTRAL

Pinot nero vineyard

Il pinot nero di Isolabella della Croce
11,000 vines per hectare:
 the pinot nero grown with this exceptional vine density was planted in 2007. Such density forces the vines to reduce their foliage and concentrate their essences into the grapes.

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The natural amphitheatre of Borgo Isolabella in Loazzolo


At an altitude of 500 metres, in the hills dividing the Belbo and Bormida valleys in Asti's Alta Langa zone, a three-kilometre-long range forms the amphitheatre of Borgo Isolabella. It boasts a south-facing aspect ranging from due east to due west seems to create an embrace for the Bormida river.

There are eleven hectares of vines nestled among the woods, perched on magnificently exposed but incredibly steep slopes, in a unique natural symphony.



The Surrond

Springs The roots journey into the heart of the earth.

The hills of the amphitheatre are riddled with subterranean streams that provide a vital reserve of water for the vines. The roots manage to penetrate below the many layers of rock to absorb precious saline and mineral elements that further add to the wine's bouquet.


WoodlandsFaithful wardens of the vines.


The natural amphitheatre is distinguished by the wild yet soothing presence of expanses of woodlands, which have a purifying effect. The vineyards at Borgo Isolabella are ensconced in dozens of hectares of forests, whose refreshing presence protects the vines from the torrid summer heat. In addition, the night-time temperatures can drop by as much as 15 °C, which gives the vines an additional reprieve, thereby improving the quality of the fruit. The forests also oxygenate the vineyards, which helps the vines to photosynthesize chlorophyll at altitude. 




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