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Pinot nero vineyard

Il pinot nero di Isolabella della Croce
11,000 vines per hectare:
 the pinot nero grown with this exceptional vine density was planted in 2007. Such density forces the vines to reduce their foliage and concentrate their essences into the grapes.

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Barbera d'Asti Superiore DOC
sottozona Nizza

Calamandrana: barbera as a vocation.

Just beyond the zone of the Cessale marnes, a few kilometres from Loazzolo, the municipality of Calamandrana falls within the Nizza sub-zone of the Barbera d'Asti Superiore DOC appellation and has a well-deserved reputation for well-orchestrated, powerful wines. We cultivate three hectares here, all of which are dedicated to producing Nizza controlled appellation wine. The vineyards are situated at a lower altitude than Loazzolo (150-250 metres above sea level) and the hills are softer and less austere. The soil contains more organic substances as well as clay, which barbera loves. 

The microclimate is also quite different, with smaller temperature variations. The light and heat are more intense during the day, the shade has less of an impact, there is less ultraviolet light and the annual average temperature is higher. Barbera is almost late-ripening. It needs constant warmth, diffuse light and a rich soil. If it these factors are all present, it ripens perfectly, producing a wine with elegant body, powerful structure, well-balanced acids and sugars, and a delicate nose.

The same applies to the cabernet sauvignon, which is grown in the vineyard in Calamandrana, where it seems to have found the ideal habitat.


Progetto terra protetta Loazzolo

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