Vineyard Tour of La Vela
La Vela vineyard, home of Pinot Noir in Loazzolo: a vineyard with a unique scientifical point of you as well as enjoyable for walking.
DURATION: 1 hour


The Tour

Start at the vineyard’s cantina, and begin walking up the lush green steep hill.  In just a few minutes you will arrive to the vineyard called La Vela (there is also a tour dedicated to La Vela) at the altitude of 500 meters above sea level with south east exposure.  At this point you have the first look at the natural amphitheatre of Borgo Isolabella where one can appreciate just by looking around the dominance of the forest with respect to the vines and where two very different elements interlock.

This tour is aimed particularly for wine lovers who are curious and have some wine knowledge: Guided by an expert not only about the land but also about our techniques and practices both in the vineyards and the cantina who is able to explain both clearly and in-depth, particularly about this vineyard.  The most curious people will be satisfied at the possibility to maximize their experience with seeing the density of the plant per hectare, almost 11,000 plants, incredibly high if you consider that in France a dense vineyard is considered to only around 4,500 plants per hectare.

sport-graphics-nordic-walking-849167You can walk along this tour with walking shoes and clothing suitable for the country. We propose, however, to try the Nordic Walking technique involving the use of chopsticks and a specific walking technique designed to stimulate all the major muscles, similar to cross country skiing: arms and shoulders are involved actively making the exercise more effective. It is also easy to practice, a natural movement with alternating rhythm..

The Tasting

The goal is to give ample representation of the terroir and particularly the perfumes of our wine at Loazzolo.

1) Two vintages of Pinot Noir
2) Augusta
3) Maria Teresa Barbera D’Asti
4)Our Loazzolo DOC which has won multiple times both gold and silver medals at the most important wine competition for its type: Muscat du Munde in Languedoc Roussillon, France.

Organic Food Pairings
Local producers who practice organic techniques have paired up with Isolabella della Croce to help promote the territory

Hours of Operations
Only available by reservation only everyday from March until October


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